• Feb 2023 update

    Three new tracks released to Spotify / Apple music and so on. It’s the tracks: Inside of Me, Stand Down and Slightly Better. All three tracks features original vocalist Sanna on the main vocals. Inside of Me and Stand Down are 2022 year remakes of the more than 20 years old tracks created and performed […]

  • New tracks

    Our soundcloud page have had a few more tracks added to it. The track “Horror from the sun” which is a sort of reflection on the long term relation to our sun. Right now it is our saviour but sooner or later the sun will expand and destroy all life on earth. A new swedish […]

  • Want more?

    Decided to upload some of the more recent tracks to this page as well. For the last year the focus has been to populate the Sound Cloud page with our latest tracks. However since some people may prefer not to use Sound Cloud we’ve decided to also add them to this page. If you check […]

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