My Magic Armchair is a darkwave / electro band created by Björn Lager (previously Larsson) in Nyköping/Sweden around 1995-1996. It consist of the members Björn Lager(Music&Vocals) , Carl-Fredrik Koserius(Music&Vocals) and Sanna Lager(Vocals).
The band was mostly active during 1996 – 2005 when they released two democd’s titled “Always” and “In the cycle”. They have played live in Nyköping, Uppsala and Linköping between 2001 – 2003.

Carl-Fredrik Koserius has played in various other bands such as the gothic band Shoggoth and the EBM/electro band C2.
Björn Lager has played in the EBM band Project-X, created music for mental training/relaxation and a lot of other small projects. Björn has continued to make music under the “My Magic Armchair” name releasing beta-tracks every other month or so on the bands Sound Cloud and web pages, sometimes with the support of Sanna or Carl-Fredrik.

My Magic Armchair

Since 2018 all members of the band live in the town called Kungsbacka, just outside of Gothenburg.